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On some level, we do it every weekend of the year in cities all across America. Specifically, with respect to our plans with wcra, we executed Randy bernards vision to create The American. We embraced it on the same weekend as pbrs Iron Cowboy event at at t stadium and have produced it every year since inception. It was pbrs six years of experience in the stadium and our dirt, steel, lights, video, sound system, tv trucks, personnel and other production resources that provided the foundation for the event to exist. We will leverage the same proven formula to create four wcra events, roughly one each quarter, in different cities across the country. All of the credit belongs to randy and rfd for the vision and risk that have made The American one of the only significant investments in a new rodeo in decades.

And we are inspired by garys commitment to bring investment to an industry that needs it desperately. We aligned with wcra because they are in it for all the right reasons, and because their success will lift all boats higher and create more opportunities for everyone associated with the industry, including pbr. And wcra chose to align with pbr because we have experience and expertise when it comes to the fundamentals that will make the wcra a successful thesis business. If youre thinking about getting into the rodeo business, or any other sports business, now is the time to take notes. . These are keys to success: - Provide an engaging sports and entertainment experience - Sell tickets by consistently over-delivering for every fan - Maximize media exposure and monetize it if you can - leverage your live event and media audience to sell sponsorship and advertising. Adapt and change as the market demands it - Use all of that to develop, engage and maintain fans At the heart of it, wcra is designed to address all of those levers. Wcra is essentially an event promoter, making a significant investment and firm commitment to establish new, large-payout rodeos. Together, pbr and wcra will create four new 1 million dollar rodeos in conjunction with major pbr events each year. Each of the four rodeos will be preceded by a 500,000 semi-finals that will determine the contestants who advance to compete for a share of the 1 million dollar purse. All totaled, wcra will deliver 6 million dollars build in prize money to the industry as a result of its investment. Pbr has a proven track record building large format western lifestyle events.

rodeo business plan

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A significant percentage of the people in this country, by my estimation about half, are looking for something real, something wholesome, something American, regardless of where they live or how they were brought. They not only share our values, they crave them. Pbr is embraced by millions of those people. And rodeo might be an even more authentic product than ours to meet that need. Regardless, the opportunity is real, the opportunity is significant and the opportunity is now. A pbr and wcra partnership is uniquely positioned to take advantage of those opportunities. Pbr chose to align with the wcra because it is the first entity entering the rodeo space that is not just trying to grab a share of a shrinking pie. We had the opportunity to help homework craft the business plan to ensure it would fit with our objectives. We share gary McKinneys vison that we can bring positive change to the industry.

rodeo business plan

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Over the past year, ive been constantly looking over my shoulder because i dont remember who it was that I told, and Im a little concerned they will remember. But here we are, it is time for pbr to get into the business. We are not getting in the rodeo business to control it or take it over, or to tell everybody how it should be done, or to profit at the expense of others. And we are most assuredly not getting in the business to hurt the prca or established rodeo events. We are getting into the business, because we believe there is incredible opportunity for rodeo. Pbr visits dozens of cities across the country each year - from maine to california and Florida to washington. We spend time in New York city and sioux Falls south dakota. We see hundreds of thousands of people and hear from hundreds of thousands more through social media and direct contact.

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rodeo business plan

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I believe george taylor recognizes that as well, and i am optimistically hopeful that he can also be an agent of positive change. But as agents of change and for-profit businesses, pbr and wcra cant compromise core business drivers because others want to book be in charge or think their way is better. Compromise the fundamentals that we believe are critical to success,. Pbrs success is undeniable. Weve been fortunate to not have to serve multiple masters and cater to widely varying opinions about how our business should move forward.

Wcra is making a significant investment in the rodeo business, and it isnt for charity. But that shouldnt be feared by the industry, it should be embraced. The rodeo industry needs a force to move it forward. . Its been stuck in neutral or reverse for a long time. No disrespect intended, but no single organization in the business of rodeo is positioned, chartered or equipped to do it on their own. Pbr and wcra are certainly not going to be successful were on our own. I told somebody a long time ago that if i ever got into the rodeo business to just go ahead and shoot me in the back of the head.

We wear cowboy hats. We compete on dirt, and we celebrate the western lifestyle all across America. To the vast majority of Americans and others around the world, we are one in the same. Pbr has never, and I mean never, viewed the sport of rodeo as a competitor. We are committed to doing all we can to bring unity to the industry. The last thing rodeo needs is to be more fractured. .

There has been plenty of that over the years. We are working directly with the prca to explore a path that could bring it all together. (prca ceo) george taylor and I have met several times since he joined the prca, and well meet again this month, along with (wcra ceo) Gary McKinney, to keep exploring how we can make the industry, and the sport of rodeo, stronger. But the industry needs an agent of positive change. Pbr has proposed partnership opportunities every couple of years over the past. While we have never viewed the prca as competition, for whatever reason, many in the rodeo community seem to think that we are the enemy. Im here to tell you, it is not a binary choice. Rodeo is stronger today because of pbrs success and we will be stronger if rodeo reverses its trend.

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They had never seen a cowboy in real life, but apparently they had seen plenty of punk rockers with purple mohawks. Its been decades since the average person on the streets of American cities has been exposed to rodeo and cowboys. . They recognize the cowboy hat and know what it represents. But they dont understand who we are, what we stand for, and that we arent just a secret cult living in the fly over-states. It should be wallpaper no great mystery that the sports associated with the lifestyle are being challenged. Rodeo may have fallen out of favor with mainstream America a long time ago, but i am absolutely convinced that doesnt have to be the case. . pbr has proven. It is important to note that those in the industry who view pbr and prca - or rodeo in general - as competitors, or something dramatically different, are just plain wrong. Pbrs roots run deep in rodeo.

rodeo business plan

I was in New York city about a dozen years ago before our first big event in Madison Square garden. . I was walking from the hotel to the arena, and about a half a block ahead of me, a woman was strolling along with full her two young children. I saw them pointing and motioning to their mother with great excitement. Behind me was was a guy with a purple mohawk, face tattoos, and multiple piercings. He was dressed to match. . I felt a sense of relief knowing that I wasnt the oddball. As they approached, the kids kept pointing, but it was in fact at me and my cowboy hat. .

rocket science: its rodeo, bull riding and western sports. The industry has turned into a complicated mess over the years, but it is not an extremely complicated business. What I hope you get out of today is an understanding of the opportunities we see and intend to address in western sports, particularly rodeo. And most importantly, why you should support wcra and pbr in these efforts. I will dive into the specifics on our view of the rodeo business and wcras role in a minute. . First I think it is important to note, that many of the challenges the industry faces today stem from the fact that all of us are in a battle to keep the western lifestyle alive and well. The entire lifestyle is under attack. Farming, ranching, rural living and all elements that we would associate with the western lifestyle are in decline.

Rodeo, alliance and pdf issuing a call for industry-wide collaboration to grow Americas first sport: Many visionary and brilliant people have contributed to the remarkable rise of the pbr. While in my nearly two decades with the sport, ive made some contributions to our success, i stand before you simply as the witness to our rise and how that relates to wcra. Because of my profession, i am also an avid student of the western lifestyle and western sports. I was raised in a rural community and spent most of my youth on the back of a horse. . so im not merely a student of the western lifestyle; i am a product. Like the vast majority of people raised in the lifestyle, i left it for the big city where i spent 15 years in music, video and computer games before finding my way back. I dont expect you to take everything that I have to say on face value, but I have been around the block a time or two when it comes to western sports and the western lifestyle. Scott davis is going to explain what, wcra is in greater detail a little later. .

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This preview has intentionally blurred sections. Sign up to view the full version. View Full Document, this preview has intentionally blurred sections. View Full Document, this is the end of the preview. Sign up to access the rest of the document. Las vegas, today, in shakespeare an historic meeting in Las Vegas, the rodeo industry came together under one roof to chart rodeo s future. The athletes, stock contractors, rodeo organizing committees, and event promoters in attendance at south point Hotel casino were welcomed by pbr ceo sean Gleason in this keynote speech charting the vision of the newly formed wcra (World Champions.

rodeo business plan
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In fact, joe berger was the stock contractor for the mandan Rodeo in the 1970s.

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