Essay on my daily routine in simple present tense

My daily routine Essay for Kids point Wise daily routine

For all of the large vehicles in the last point, you can also say in if you want, but its less common. So you can say in the bus or on the bus, but on is more common. In is more common with smaller vehicles for only a few people. You can say in a car, in a taxi or even something more modern like in an Uber. By type of transportation. If someone asks you how do you get to work?

When theyre working, you can sex say theyre at work. If you take any kind of class, you will probably spend some of your morning time at school. . In English, you can use the word school for most educational institutions, including universities. But remember if you say at school, youre probably talking about the general area. You can also mention a specific area in the building, like in the lunchroom, in the gymnasium or in the principals office. Generally, youll use the word in or on with most vehicles, and by with the type of transportation. On larger vehicles or one-person transportation. You can say: on the bus on the train on the airplane on the tram/streetcar on the ferry/boat you should also say on a bike, on a motorcycle or on a horse because youre on top of those things—and if you ride a horse. In smaller vehicles (or large ones). Ill admit this is confusing.

essay on my daily routine in simple present tense

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you can also say on the bed if youre sitting, but usually not if youre laying down. This one is more logical. If youre talking about a specific room in your house, office or any other building, you can say in, since youre usually inside those rooms. Most people spend time in the bathroom as part of their morning routine. In the next section well look at some of the most common actions shakespeare people do there. This is another example of using in with rooms. Many people start working in the morning.

essay on my daily routine in simple present tense

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In (month or year). Use in for longer periods of time like months, years, and seasons. We tree often start work at. M, but in winter the office opens. That winter time schedule starts in november this year, but we wont do that in 2017. Morning Place vocabulary In bed. This is the place where most of us start our day. .

If you do something for a period of time, you can use this phrase and mention the start and end time of that activity. Jennifer works from 7:00. Like we saw in the explanation above, use at if youre talking about a specific time (but not a period of time). Jennifer usually gets to work at. On (date or day of the week). Use on for specific days or dates. I normally work on tuesdays, but on January 1st I wont have to work. Our boss said no one had to work on New years day because its a holiday.

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essay on my daily routine in simple present tense

La rutina - describing your daily routine in Spanish

Morning Time vocabulary early morning. Some languages have a special name for the period of time between approximately 12 midnight and 6:00. M., but English doesnt. Instead, just say early morning or really early morning. This is when the sun appears in the morning, usually between 5 and. This is when the day starts.

The word rise means go up, and we can also use it as a verb and say the sun rises. Dawn is another name for the period of time when the sun rises. Mid-morning isnt an official time, but its about halfway between when you wake up and when you eat lunch. This refers to any time close to 12:00 (noon) but still before then. From _. Youll probably use this phrase personal pdf to talk about many of your daily activities.

Talking About Time Use on with specific days If youre giving an exact day, use. For example: Well meet on Monday, or maybe on July 15th. Use in with longer periods of time like months, years, and parts of the day for example, you can meet in July, in 2017 or in the 21st century. For parts of the day, the main phrases youll hear are in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening. Note that the word at is usually used with night.

Use at for exact times and with night If youre talking about an exact time, use. For example: Well meet at 7:30. Lets meet at noon (remember that noon is. Use at with night in most cases: i always work better at night than I do in the morning. Okay, so now that we understand that, lets start talking about the different parts of the day! In the morning Most people start their days in the morning (unless they work at night or have trouble sleeping so the morning is often the busiest time of day. That also means that theres a lot of vocabulary you should know to talk about the things you do in the morning. If you dont have a problem with songs for children, there are also many videos on with daily routine songs for kids. It might be a good idea to watch them when youre done reading this article to review the vocabulary.

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For example, i can say right now Im in my house, because my house is a building and Im inside. But dont forget that if Im just in the general area, i may say. For example, if Im standing outside in my garden and talking on my phone with a friend, i may tell my friend that Im at my house, but not in my house, since Im not actually inside. In can also be used with cities, countries, states and other larger geographic areas. For example, you could say i work in Los Angeles, in California. Use on if youre touching summary something or on the surface This one is a bit more difficult to explain. Some examples of phrases with on are: on the second floor on the beach (walking on the sand, but not in the water) on the floor on the roof on the moon on an island (for example, im on Long Island, or Im on hokkaido.) you can. For example, i could say my computer is on my desk, and theres a picture of my family hanging on the wall. In both cases, the object is touching another one, but not inside.

essay on my daily routine in simple present tense

on location and time. There are some exceptions, but heres how to generally use them. Talking About Location Use at with a general location or an idea the most common uses of this are: at work at the office at home at school at the beach When I say work, for example, im using work as an idea. . I can also say at the office, but then Im talking about the general area of the office. In other words, i might be in the break room, in the bathroom or even outside of the building, but Im probably not inside my private office. If Im standing inside my office, ill probably say in instead. The same is true for home, which is an idea, so you say i am at home. Meanwhile, house is the physical building that you walk in and out of, so you would say i am in my house. Use in if youre inside or contained within something bigger The most common phrases with in when talking about daily routines are: in my house in the office in a restaurant For most of these, the person talking is inside a building.

Each section includes words and phrases to talk about places, times, and actions. Before we start with the routine, i want to quickly talk about something that confuses many of my students. This is when should we say in, on, at, and other words like them. Youll notice that these words are in many of the sections below, so we should understand how and when to use them first. Where and When does hippie your, daily routine happen? Before we go into the main list of phrases, were going to talk about how to use in, on, at and other similar words. This is a complicated topic, but there are a few things you should remember.

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What is the first thing you do every morning? You probably open your eyes and then immediately start studying your English book, right? Im sure you do, because youre such a great student! Seriously though, grammar is very important for learning English—but vocabulary for describing your daily homework routine is even more important. Here well review lots of basic, essential vocabulary that you can use to talk about your daily routine. You may have learned some of these words before, and most of them are very common words. But you need to know how to talk about your daily routine because its routine and common. Since these are the things that you do every day, theyre also things that you probably talk about and think about very frequently. This article is divided into five parts: Morning, noon, afternoon, evening and, night.

essay on my daily routine in simple present tense
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  1. A simple and. When all rest from our daily activities. The most common phrases with in when talking about daily routines are:.

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