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This high level of service will be gained through extensive training and a continuous professional education process. Yhcs will be qualifying leads over the phone with estimates and on site meetings. Starting in the second month of operation this sales strategy should begin to yield a steady increase in new business accounts. The first month of operation will be used to set up the business. It is highly unlikely that any business will be transacted during this first month of business. While setting up the business from an administrative stand point, office equipment will be purchased and set.

However, your house Cleaning Service is not your average house cleaning business. Yhcs is offering a very high quality and trustworthy service that proofread far exceeds anything else currently being offered for high income family households. Sarasota, fl currently has a wide range of different house cleaning services. The services offered range from independent companies to franchise services. There is no other company that is specifically targeting the wealthy high end customer base. Within this high end group there two sub-sectors. The wealthy one-income family and the affluent two-income family. Both groups prefer a professional and reliable cleaning service and are willing to pay a little more for this professional level of service. The central marketing method will be word of mouth advertising and membership lists from the various elite clubs around the sarasota area. 5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary, your house Cleaning Service will be focused on the high income families of Sarasota,. These families will use our service instead of others because of our commitment to professional and trustworthy service.

boarding house business plan

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Our two primary target customers will consist of:. The affluent family who has a stay at home mother that is too busy to do house work while caring for business her family. The two income family household who simply does not have the time to spend cleaning the house. Yhcs will target these two niche groups. Services offered will be standard cleaning of the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. A laundry service will also be offered after the first year. 4.0 Market Analysis Summary, at first glance it would appear that there is not a need for another residential cleaning service in Sarasota,.

boarding house business plan

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Marketing fees are for the production of business cards and brochures. Cleaning equipment essay must also be purchased for each employee. A commercial vacuum cleaner for each employee will be the highest expense. Other items included in the employee cleaning kit will be brooms, mops, and cleaning chemicals that are environmentally friendly. Uniforms will also need to be purchased for a professional appearance something that is very important for our elite clientele. Finally, your house Cleaning Service will purchase magnetic company signs for employee vehicles for an additional touch of professionalism. Your house Cleaning Service will provide a residential house cleaning service for the high end market.

Along with residential cleaning services yhcs will also offer other cleaning services to the residential client such as general room cleaning, pet clean up and after party clean. The target market for yhcs will be the high end where affluent families have other things to do with their time and choose to hire someone to clean for them. Also, included in this high end demographic are the two income family that does not have the time to clean themselves and are forced to hire a cleaning service like yhcs. 2.1 Start-Up Summary, the start up costs for your house Cleaning Service include equipment that is needed for a home based business, initial legal fees, marketing fees, cleaning equipment and supplies, uniforms, and signage for employee vehicles. The home office equipment includes a lap top computer and a cell phone. Along with a desk and three office chairs. The legal fees will be used to create the business and reviewing and generating employee and client contracts.

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boarding house business plan

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It is discretion of a business to register vat voluntarily. When your turnover is below 83,000 and will not exceed the said limit in next 12 months. Companies register voluntarily in order to get the refund or claim of vat paid on purchases and expenses and also to add up the image of the company. Order Now Compare packages. 1.0 Executive summary, your house Cleaning Service (yhcs) is a residential cleaning service that serves mainly to upper class families in Sarasota,. A professional staff that is committed to exceeding customer expectations will be the core principal that yhcs is built.

There are two sectors of the residential community that yhcs will be serving: the wealthy single income household and the affluent two income household. This high end demographic is willing to pay a premium for our house cleaning service because yhcs provides a high level statement of professionalism not found anywhere else in the house cleaning industry. Yhcs is a home based business with Jane Smith as the sole proprietor. The projected growth rate is very high each year with good profit margins as a percentage of sales. After the first year, yhcs will have six additional employees. This residential cleaning business plan will assist Jane with the start up process and manage the developing business. 2.0 Company summary, your house Cleaning Service staple offering will be residential home cleaning services.

How to open free business bank account? Once the company formation procedure is completed at Companies house, your details will be forwarded to bank. Bank representative will contact you to arrange a meeting at local branch. Your account will be opened shortly after the meeting, after which you can claim 50 cash back by logging into your Global Company formation account. Mail Forwarding Service, when you purchase this package, all mails to the company will be received in the address registered with the companies house.

All mails to your company will be forwarded to a local address in uk as per your preference. This will be of free of any charges. If you want the mail to be send anywhere outside uk, then the same will be charged according to the postal rates. What is Legal Contracts notices Package? Legal contracts and notices is one of the highlights of this package which will save a lot of money and effort. Every business is in need of different legal agreements, contracts etc which will be complicated and time consuming: but then they are important and necessary documents for the company and its business. This service we provide here will avoid the hassle to find a consultant and also the high rates you will have to pay them for documentation. We provide you our professional expertise for the preparation and assistance of the same. Vat registration When your companys turnover crosses the vat threshold limit of 83,000, the company should be vat registered.

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What is a directors service shakespeare address? Directors service address is the official address of a company director and each director should provide the same to the companies house. As in the case of Registered address, the service address will also be a public data and thus many people prefer to get service address service so as to protect their privacy. Annual Return Filing, the first Annual return of a company is to be filed within 1 month after completion of 1 year from the date of company formation. The first annual return of your company will be filed by us within the companies houses prescribed due date. It is always advised that one retain hard copies of company documents Printed documents are required while. Printed documents will be helpful while applying for Business bank account or when dealing with other financial institutions.

boarding house business plan

One director and one shareholder (the same person can hold both positions). A registered office assignment address. Minimum of one share issued. What number of shares to be issued? Minimum of one share is to be issued upon company formation, where as there is no upper limit to the number of shares which can be issued. What is a registered office? A registered office is a companys official address; every company requires a registered address. Registered address of a company on records will be a public data at Companies house, any person using internet can access the said data. Thus this package provides you privacy for your home address.

address service, annual Return Filing, bound Memorandum articles of Association. Printed Minutes of First board meeting. Legal Contracts and Notices Package, mail Forwarding Service, vat registration. Frequently asked questions, whats required to form a limited company? Online company registration is a simple process, you dont require any document: you just need the following for completion of the registration procedure.

Annual renewal costs, renewal fee for registered office address service is 60 and Directors service address. What is in the package? Ready to Trade company (Limited by Shares) 3-hour Online company formation - subject to companies house paper workload. Free business Bank Account with 50 Cash back (optional). Free online Client Manager facility for your Company formation. Maintain Statutory books Companies house 13 Filing fee included. Copy of Certificate of Incorporation via email.

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Was this document useful for you? Yes no, thank you for your participation! your assessment is very important for improving the work of for artificial intelligence, which forms the content of this project. Premium Package - 119.99, at a cost of 119.99, this package provides everything you require for a business start. This package offers you the products a much cheaper price when compared to the price of the same if purchased individually. Why this Package: you want to form a limited company together with privacy for your home address, vat registration, bound Memorandum and Articles of Association, Printed Minutes of First board meeting, consultancy for all legal contract and Notices and mail forwarding services, and then this. It includes everything you need to set up a limited company that is ready to trade immediately.

boarding house business plan
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